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Kite Launcher


Kite Launcher Kite Launcher Kite Launcher Kite Launcher Kite Launcher


Kite Launcher
Isle of Wight

The KiteLauncher is a man, a myth and a legend within the kitesurfing industry, not to mention a bench mark in unique style and sportsmanship. What started as a simple idea conceived over a cold beer has developed into the launch of what can only be described as a brand dedicated to beach attitude and style world wide. The Kite Launcher follows the worlds top kitesurfers around the world, mixing with some of the biggest names in the industry, launching their kites and making sure they have the best sessions possible on the water. His entrepreneurial attitude toward his professional sporting career doesn't stop at launching, ohh no. Capitalizing on the success and overwhelming need for a professional launcher, he now brings you the newest range of KLothing that is designed to make sure that you or your girlfriend wont have anything to worry about at the beach this season!

What is a local?
Being a Palmera Local is more than just being part of a new Premium clothing brand.. it's about the magical places people love to be. It’s also about sharing that magic and the things people love to do, with others.arrow

Kite Launcher


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